How to manage the sidelist and quick filters ?

The sidelist allows you to have “quick filters” setup for regions you know will be of interest to your users. The side list appears like this in your directory on the View Listings and the Directory page, to the right of your listings and just below the button panel/region selector area: When you click on […]

How to Filter Listings By Regions ?

When you visit the Directory or View Listings pages, at the top, you will see the Region Selector (which by default will say “Displaying listings from All Regions” until you select something). To the right of the region indicator is a drop-down button: Clicking on it will open up the region selector: When you start […]

How to PayPal Account Settings ?

We recommend applying the following modifications to your PayPal account’s settings in order to properly integrate with Business Directory during the checkout and payment steps. Enable Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) notifications Login to Go to the Profile section. Go to the My selling tools section. Look for Instant payment notifications in the list on […]